Earn Smart


“Enough-money-is-enough” is naive and usually an idiotic notion. Behold..! It is more likely that, one who lets his money earns more then enough by itself is better then the idiotic idiot..

We are always full of thinking without acting in our lives. But now, as the leaders in our own mould, we need a plan, instruction, the seed or a tool for us, to act cohesively to achieve our goals?

Yes, Alliance Investment Management Bhd is the name.. The pathfinders for our lost ringgit, AIMB have and will continue to play the role to awaken us, and it is up to us to take the challenge and make it happen if we collectively see it from now.

Dear Malaysian, because we fear the responsibility for our actions, we have allowed ourselves to develop the mentality of enslaving us with regards to earning every ringgit through out our economic life span. We cannot pledge our lives to actions which continue to despoil, and destroy the hidden power of the ringgit’s earning ability.. AIMB have ideas but we must be able to put it into good use to serve society and us to strenghtened our hierarchy of needs – the unchanged fundamental values, forever..

So let’s start acting and stop wasting time in thinking and analyzing what is true or false as long as it serves the truthness, fairness and justifiable cause of our wisdom. Insya Allah..

Are we ready? Yes we are, so let’s make the change, and let us “AIM-Big” with AIMB where purportedly the Ringgit’s Earning Power rule. You only die once but live many chapters, your legacy will always live if it is for the truth, honesty and prosperity you seek.

Prosperity begins in the mind.. Attract greater and more satisfying degrees of abundance – on many levels – into your life.


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