Posted by: jamaljaafar | June 16, 2008

Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

When it comes to saving our hard-earned money, it all boils down to one rule. Discipline. Without a proper mindset to save, it will ended up with another shopping spree, new gadgets, or another fine food session.

We have to repeat this word in our mind. Financial freedom. Financial freedom. And one more time, financial freedom.

When you receive your earnings, always set aside a suitable amount for your savings. When you hesitate to save, remember the phrase “Financial Freedom”. Ask yourself if you want to achieve financial freedom? If you do, you have to save. There are no shortcuts for it. Saving is the only key because everything needs capital. Investments need capital as well. Without saving, there won’t be any capital to do anything.

Let’s look at the formula below and apply it:
Earnings – Savings = Expenses

Splurging once a while to pamper ourselves is essential for rejuvenation but always look for promotion, discounts, buy 1 free 1, or best buys.


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