Posted by: jamaljaafar | June 14, 2008


Gerakan Rakyat Anti Manipulasi Minyak (Geramm) akan menganjurkan sebuah perhimpunan besar-besaran bagi membantah kenaikan harga minyak, di ibu negara pada 5 Julai ā€˜08 yang akan datang. Yang mana, pada awalnya dijadual untuk diadakan di KLCC pada 05 Julai 08.


The Cure

That’s what everyone wants.. Not a process or an approach. Not a treatment or an attempt. Not a best effort or a thoughtful response.

They want their problems cured.. Doctors, of course, can rarely provide a cure. Neither can accountants or marketing consultants. But that’s what gets sold, cause that’s what people want to buy.

We fool ourselves constantly. We know, deep down (or not even so deep) that there’s no real cure out there, but that’s what we pay for anyway.

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